This not only helps with NAFLD, but will help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular problems. It is unclear what causes NASH and cirrhosis to develop in some people with NAFLD. The effects of different populations of microorganisms in the intestines (gut microbiota) on the breakdown and absorption of nutrients are also an active area of research. Speak with your doctor about the ongoing progress and results of these trials to get the most up-to-date information on new treatments. Participating in a clinical trial is a great way to contribute to curing, preventing and treating liver disease and its complications.

  • Cirrhosis happens because of liver injury, such as the damage caused by inflammation in NASH.
  • As a result, complications of portal hypertension, such as esophageal variceal bleeding, are greater with F3 or F4 fibrosis, and risk of hepatocellular carcinoma is markedly increased.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the term for a range of conditions caused by a build-up of fat in the liver.

Currently, researchers believe genes, certain health conditions, diet, and the digestive system may all play a role. Experts don’t know exactly why fat builds up in some livers and not others. They also don’t fully understand why some fatty livers turn into NASH.

Stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

If you are living with fatty liver disease, learn as much as you can about your condition and work closely with your medical team. Since many medications can harm your liver, always let all your health care providers know about any medications you are taking. These include OTC drugs, dietary supplements, and vitamins. Other ways to manage fatty liver disease include maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and continuing to avoid alcohol.

There are no medicines that have been approved to treat NAFLD. Studies are investigating whether a certain diabetes medicine or symptoms of alcohol related liver disease Vitamin E can help, but more studies are needed. For those who have cirrhosis due to NASH, a liver transplant may be needed.

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Stop smoking – if you smoke, stopping can help reduce your risk of problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Always talk with a doctor before you try a new supplement or natural remedy. Some supplements or natural remedies might put stress on your liver, or interact with medications you’re taking.

  • Fatty liver disease is one potential cause of liver inflammation, but it’s not the only one.
  • A healthcare professional may also recommend speaking with a hepatologist, or liver specialist.
  • Therefore, NAFLD is often first suspected when an abnormal result occurs when the tests are done for an unrelated reason.
  • The condition is typically diagnosed after a blood test finds higher-than-normal levels of liver enzymes.

He said that the researchers “demonstrated, at least in the short term, persistence of symptoms can be troubling not just after COVID-19 but after many other infections”. According to the results, 22% of people with COVID-19 had long-lasting symptoms and 22% of people with a non COVID-19 infection had long-lasting symptoms. Whether people had COVID-19 or another respiratory infection, their risk of long-lasting symptoms was similar. Sian Ferguson is a freelance health and cannabis writer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cleveland Clinic specialists discuss challenges and opportunities for managing the disease

So, if you have simple fatty liver or mild NASH, this may prevent or delay the progression of NAFLD. It may reduce your chance of developing cirrhosis – a condition where normal liver tissue is replaced by a lot of scar tissue (fibrosis). The liver is a part of the digestive system that helps break down food, store energy, and remove waste products, including toxins.

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