The founders’s father had a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in 1998. “He collapsed on a busy suburban sidewalk that was within 200 meters of a large hospital, and although many people saw what happened, no one assisted. Either they didn’t know what to do or they were not empowered to act”.

This made him seek out the medical profession within the USAF.  He has Traveled, Worked, Managed Emergency rooms and coordinated city and countrywide Emergency response training worldwide. Always EMPOWERING others to ACT in emergency situations.

One Love CPR, alongside the American Heart Association & American Red Cross, courses meet the needs of our communities and help those who live here. Learn life safety skills and prepare for emergencies at home or at work. Whether you are a parent or teacher, a teenager or senior citizen, concerned citizen or healthcare professional, you will find a class designed to fit your needs and your learning style.

We provide classes 3 times daily and  7 days a week.

You can BooK  at our location or your site Monday through Sunday.

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