Student testimonials

Colin (the teacher) is very nice and welcoming, made the class a lot of fun. Very informative and clear directions on how to do CPR in children, infants and adults. Definitely coming back for refreshers, and definitely recommend taking this class! 😊

Angelika Montes

Best CPR course I’ve ever attended. It’s obvious Colin is very passionate about educating others on how to do CPR and the importance of it. Very attentive and engaging class. Highly recommend!

Tiffany Gu

This CPR/AED/First Aid Training was presented in an extremely conducive environment. The instructor (Colin Stewart) presented the information in a comprehensive, effective and efficient manner. Demonstrations were given at a manageable pace and was clear and concise. It was easy to follow all instructions given. I recommend this course to everyone, not just those in the medical field.

Marcia Lewis

Great , motivating , knowledgeable gentleman. I’m glad I decided selected this company for my cpr certification as apposed to taking it on a computer at work. Collin is a professional and his life experience made this one of the best renewal classes I’ve ever taken. Thank you for your past service and a great cpr class.

Dennis Mayer

I have taken many CPR classes through the years. This was by far the best. The pace kept me interested. The information was clear and relevant. The presenter stories of interesting relevant real life experiences.

Carol Crystal

Colin Stewart has a passion and energy that is contagious! He makes the CPR course very easy to not only learn but understand why recommendations are being made. Colin utilizes personal story telling which helps the participants retain the information they are provided. I would recommend this program to anyone needing or wanted to learn Basic or Advanced life support training!

John Minichetti

Given the circumstances and the time that we are in (covid), I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience in completing a necessary, crucial and beneficial course that was needed with One Love CPR and with Mr. Colin Stewart. Super informative with a warm and welcoming demeanor, I would recommend to everyone. Colin provides information in a way that helps you retain it, while giving examples of real world experiences that give the content some relatable matter. Thank you, again!

Yuree Lee

Colin Stewart is a fantastic instructor. He not only knows his material he also knows how to teach and reinforce it so that we easily comprehended the material. I feel confident that if I ever had to react in a crisis I would be able to remember his instruction and implement the CPR/choking assistance process. Well done! See you in 2 years 😃

Tamara Winawer

The training was very productive. The hands on training was phenomenon!! The instructor is very informative and shared real life scenarios during in duration of career. I would recommend anyone that is or not in the medical field to complete this course. You can definitely help to save a life.

London Russell

As someone seeking knowledge of an important skill that I think everyone should have, Ive learned a lot from this class and I will apply my knowledge for future use. I did the class only portion and did not include the online portion. I’ve learned so much in a matter of a few hours from the teacher Mr.Colin and I encourage any health professional seeking knowledge of BLS to take this course. Everything he explained was clear and detailed and if I didn’t understand something all I had to do was ask my question and he would answer clearly. I’m glad I took this course ! Thank you.

Da'Meir Aarons

Colin was wonderful with our team! He took time to go over everything throroughly, and made sure to keep everyone engaged! The team loved him, and gave such great feedback all week! He used different real life scenarios to teach, and made sure everyone knew that he wanted to make sure they were well prepared! Highly recommend! Thank you Colin!

MassageLuXe Management

I really enjoyed these lessons! They were really fun and super thorough. I advise anyone looking for CPR classes to come here and take them, it was really worth taking!

Jayleen Peña

Top notch. Very precise and organized. Easily understood. Just what you would expect from a retired Air Force veteran 🇺🇸

Eric Wittlinger

Amazing experience! Colin keeps you engaged and focused the entire time, while making the class fun and keeping you awake. One Love offers BLS renewals for health care professionals, as well as introductory courses, which makes the experience all the more convenient. The mannequins and equipment are all kept very nice and clean, and everything functions as it should. The company was also extremely professional and responsive about me needing to reschedule. Overall a great experience and I will for sure return when it’s time to renew again!

Hailey Mishoe

Colin made the class easy and fun to understand and learn. He explained everything very clearly and then some. I would most definitely recommend this class to my friends and family. He’s very awesome and intelligent!

Salma Ochieng

Best teacher to get a CPR card.Christopher is patient and knowledgeable when it comes to this topic.If I can give him 10 stars instead of 5 that would be better. And I will definitely recommended him to all my classmate in Lincoln Tech Paramus to go to him for CPR lessons. Thanks Chris for all the info and knowledge .What can is say your the best.Guys toy have to visit this guy for tour CPR.

Vic Guzom

I’m grateful for the dedication and patience that this company had with preparing my family to save lives. Mr. Stewart came to our home which made us feel even more comfortable in this training. The wristbands were an awesome token as well. I would highly recommend this company to families & businesses!

Marquita Kennedy

Colin was so real and down to earth. Easy to ask questions and gave real life scenarios to help make the training stick. Really made an effort to make sure we understood what was being taught. It was fun and definitely insightful. His military experience also gave us some extra resourceful tips for various situations.
Also, I had originally scheduled my class and when my grandmother passed he gave me time to grieve and then reschedule. The compassion and real love for what he is doing truly shows.
Definitely recommend One Love CPR to anyone interested in first aid and cpr.
Coming back for future re-certification for sure!!!

Samantha Acebal

I found One Love CPR through a friend for my BLS certification and it was beyond expectations. My instructor Collin was both professional and down to earth that made learning a fun experience. Being that this course is in preparation for the possible worse, taking away the anxiety and fear was definitely a plus. I truly recommend One Love CPR for any Healthcare CPR certifications.

Edward Morales

I would 100% recommend this class to anyone looking for CPR training. The instructor Colin Steward was absolutely phenomenal and very thorough with his lesson. He is very energized and truly has a passion for what he is doing. Come to the class, get your CPR certification, and learn principles that will stay with you for a lifetime. Thank me later!

Rikeya Hogan

Amazing experience. Definitely recommend to everyone. Very detailed course. I’m a pre-med student looking to gain more experience, and this course definitely was beneficial for me.

Florencia Orelogio

First time taking CPR/AED course and it was a great experience. Colin Stewart was awesome and a great instructor. Answered all the questions I had and feel more confident I can help if a situation would arise. We went over adults, children, and infants. I would definitely recommend taking this course to everyone. I am not in the medical field, but this would enable me to help others as well as myself and my family. Thanks Colin!

Edi Remache

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